5 times Dua Lipa proved that she can literally rock any outfit

5 times Dua Lipa proved that she can literally rock any outfit

Ever since Dua Lipa arrived on the music scene, she’s made it clear that this girl ain’t afraid to go bold.  While we’ve been singing along to her music hits, we’ve been casually swooning over her idiosyncratic style as well. There aren’t many celebs who could dare to wear head to toe pink at a movie premiere or get their bra out while joining Martin Garrix on stage at British Summer Time. The 23-year-old English singer-songwriter should be your ultimate girl crush of the year 2019 when it comes to distinctive style choices. Dua, who is also a cover girl for Elle May 2019 issues, stands out for her incredible voice and awe-inspiring outfits.


When it comes to fashion, we keep hearing of fresh faces that emerge. But as for picking the best from the new-gen celebs, comparing their style with that of Lipa’s is a good way to go about it. Yes, Dua’s style is THAT unique. By the end of this article, you might find yourself to be a loyal follower of Dua Lipa's fashion choices. From humongous mesh skirts to thigh-skimming sequins and tasteful ball-gowns to ultra sharp suits, there's no trend that the singer can't pull off. Here’s our pick of 5 of Dua’s extraordinary outfits. A word of caution: you might have an uncontrollable urge to wear pink once you're finished reading.

Dua Lipa giving tulle an artistic overhaul with exaggerated shoulders and multicolor. While pastels are a favorite for the summer season, Dua Lipa takes to the trend up a notch by slaying in this pink outfit. You go Barbie girl!

Dua is the queen of turning just about anything into a fashion moment – hands down. Whether it’s a plain oversized pantsuit or a holographic bustier, Lipa knows her best accessory to wear with it is her confidence. Looking like she came straight from the future,  Dua Lipa absolutely stuns in this outfit. We love the addition of the quirky earphones as an accessory.

There is fashion faux pas and then there is an intentional superman style underwear show. For Dua, nothing is off limits. This is one of her trickiest pieces that extends to more than just a monochrome dress.  

Dua Lipa mixed bright hue of pink with gothic black lace. A tulip-shaped satin bottom and plunging body-hugging lace upper. Dua Lipa is red-carpet ready in this strikingly different mixed and matched look.

Call her Medusa or simply a stunner in a lustrous gold sequined tiered dress, this is a look that won’t go unnoticed! Dua here definitely puts head-to-toe gold looks back on the menu.