No other industry has thrived on influencer marketing through Instagram and YouTube as much as the fashion industry. With an audience willing to watch, listen and decide, YouTubers have created unequaled influence for all fashion enthusiasts. Both established fashion labels and smaller brands are leveraging this collaboration between YouTube content creators and the end shoppers. We love this awesome fashion sauce and think you’ll love it too. Learn from these influencers and their shopping hauls in this curated blog post. Plus, you can grab daily tricks of styling the spring summer trends of 2019 that you may already have.

Here’s rounding up the top fashion trends and key pieces for your wardrobe vouched for by some of the top YouTubers for 2019. Scroll down for major outfit inspiration and feel the force shopping gravity.

Pink Rules: Pressed Rose

The one color trend that was quite prominent on the New York, London and Paris Fashion Week runway shows was the ‘Pressed Rose’ hue. In the myriad of colors, this surreal pink color certainly caught the eye and brought some much needed spur-of-the-moment into the equation. While all the Pantone spring 2019 colors are bold and beautiful than ever, Pressed Rose is a fresh blushing alternative to Sweet Lilac and powder Blue from the last couple of years. This princess-y color inspires romance and sentimentality.

YouTubers like Josie from Fashion Mumblr and Chase Amie who are content creators focusing on fashion, luxury accessories, and lifestyle. Offering luxury trend analysis, sales information, outfit posts, have posted videos talking about this trend as well as stocking it up for their wardrobes.

New basics: Neon with Boots and Sneakers

According to Youtube fashion gurus, the summer of 2019 will be all about the new definition of basics. Be it neon dyed cotton, neon with animal print blends, high-impact sneakers or cowboy boots, the trend will tap into a desire for a look that is bold and chic. These high-on-glamour and vintage nostalgia trends are going to be statement makers this year. Fluorescent colors already hit the fashion scene last year, largely thanks to the Kardashians-Jenners. But, those in-your-face neon outfits were more than a passing Instagram trend. The SS19 vlogs and Instagram feeds are confidently championing hot pink, lemon green, blinding yellow, flame orange, and slime blue.

Among many other influencers and celebrities, Naomi Boyer who is a YouTube star is vouching for this trend. Naomi’s eponymous channel has earned massive popularity since 2016 for her get ready with me videos, tips, and tutorials for everyday fashion choices.

Mama’s got drama with frills and flounces

Your summer 2019 mantra is more drama, the better basically. Dramatic fringes and ruffles are the best ways to add a dash of glamour to any silhouette this season. Be it daytime cafeteria hop, Sunday city brunch, evening celebration at a wedding or lazy lounging at a decadent holiday, carrying your ‘drama’ with you is going to be a hit. So what’s the drama?

— Big giant sleeves, some are even shaped like seashells
— Multiple layers and tiers in the fabric like cabbage
— Voluminous ruffles and extra long frills
— Extra long sleeve and garment length

Modern Utility will dominate your wardrobe

Get ready to shop coz this summer your bank account and credit cards will suffer! As YouTubers and celebrities are putting out their best foot forward with a plethora of outstanding fashion trends of 2019, there is no getting away from the temptation of the ‘most trending’. Influencers have been talking about and wearing this practical yet striking trend – Modern Utility.

Popular YouTubers like Erin, who is a professional stylist and the creator behind Busbee Style videos are in love with the modern utility trend. When they say utility, it goes way beyond merely pockets and grungy. Masculine silhouettes and colors reworked into glamorous feminine silhouettes is a total hit this year. The 2019 khakis and cargo pants have transformed into a more elegant and sophisticated version. Dresses with as many con­ceiv­able pockets pos­si­ble and feminine cargos will be displayed in abundance. Celebrate relaxed coolness in mul­ti­-coloured palette this year!