November 16, 2015



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Glam rock fashion has risen to fame on the catwalk since last season, and it didn’t take long before its electric nature swept everyone off their feet. Suede minis in psychedelic floral prints were soon replaced by metallic skinnies in patent leather. Roxy Music and David Bowie stole the spotlight from Janis Joplin. Glitz and glam are now in the reign.

With designers interpreting the iconic glam rock in their own way this season,
key concepts remain the same – flamboyant androgyny composed of glitter, bold stripes, leather,
studs and platform boots. Over-the-top elements have now become staples. No one understands modern rock ’n’
roll better than Hedi Slimane – Saint Laurent’s grunge princesses gracefully marched down the runway in night
slips covered with glitter and sequins and studded leather jacket. If Saint Laurent’s insouciant attitude represents
the dark, sly Alice Cooper, Karen Walker’s new collection, inspired by a town called Star City in Russia,
is the equivalent of Ziggy Stardust.

With the use of gold patent leather, exposed zippers, prime-color star prints,
and blue eye shadow, Walker brilliantly combined glam rock extravaganza with functionality and lured us into her imaginary
space training station. On the other hand, Acne delved into a later period of glam rock -blazers with electric guitar motifs,
bright, oversized polka-dot prints, and vibrant zig-zag prints over white T-shirts. Johansson ingeniously completed the looks
with black-and-white striped boots that we may just see all over style blogs next season.

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If you’re seeking ways to spice up your monochrome wardrobe,
glam-rock items could be the perfect mates for your black ripped skinnies and plain T-shirts.
Invest in a stark, studded leather jacket from Saint Laurent, statement blazer with bold prints or look
for glitter-covered accessories. Pair them with the basics and finish your outfits with heavy, smoky eyes.
Whether you’re playing the groupie or the star, remember, it’s all about exaggerating the theatricality and
having fun with it.

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