6 Best Party Wear Lipstick Shades

TREND / 2020-01-01

6 Best Party Wear Lipstick Shades

For women, especially the ones who enjoy dressing up, choosing the right lipstick colors for all shades can be tricky. One has to first choose the right dress for the party, then find lipstick colors that don’t just match your dress and accessories, but your skin shade too. 

Whatever the occasion, choosing the right lipstick is easy when you have just the right sense of balance. Knowing the right lipstick colours to pair with the right attire goes a long way in making party-looks a success. 

Here’s a roundup of our favorite winter lipstick colors 2020, as well as a mini-guide to help you pair the right lipstick color with the right outfit, and ultimately do wonders to your party wear look.

Look timeless in nude & lighter shades -

It’s important to consider that different shades of nude complement different skin tones. And owning nude lipstick colors that complement your skin tone will a long way in pulling off party wear outfits confidently. To resolve this problem easily, pick a lipstick shade that is two tones darker than your natural skin tone. Nudes are perfect if you’re going for a classy, sophisticated and softer look for your party. 

If you’re looking for lipstick colors for fall, go heavy on the eye makeup, and balance out the rest of your look with beautiful shades of nude.

Make a statement in darker & sexier shades -

If you have opted for a softer tone of eye-makeup, it’s best to go with a brighter shade of lipstick colors from the many shades of sexy reds, purples, and maroons.

Lip shade #1 -

Violet Fatale by Tom Ford Beauty -

Whether you wear this shade as is, or mix it in with a darker shade to balance a summery party wear look, this bright and flirtatious is perfect among lipstick colors for fall. Pair it with an LBD or flowy prints & patterns and let the shade speak for itself.

Lip shade #2 -

Casablanca by Tom Ford Beauty -

The Casablanca by Tom Ford Beauty gives an amazing satin finish on the lips and perfectly highlights the outline of your lips. This soft shade can be worn as a subtle elegance to your party dress, allowing the dress and jewels to speak for themselves.

Lip shade #3 -

No. 19 Fuchsia Rouge Pur Couture by YSL -

Among winter lipstick colors 2020, this is one of our favorites. The shade is described as a dirty bluish-pink lipstick shade and suits both fair-skinned and medium skin tones. Designed to suit both dusky and fairer skin tones, the No. 19 Fuchsia is both soft and sexy at the same time.

Lip shade #4 -

No. 01 Rouge Pur Couture by Saint Laurent

If you’re looking to make a statement, pick darker shades of lipstick colors like the No. 1 by Yves Saint Laurent to add just that little pinch of extra glamour to your overall look. Let your lips do all the talking in this cult favorite and party-ready shade from YSL. The no. 1 is truly a color for all skin tones.

Lip shade #5 -

Bruised Plum by Tom Ford -

Among lipstick colors for fall, this dark plum shade gives a soft, velvety feel on the lips. The berry color oozes sexiness and timeless charm, and is the perfect outline to your lips for any occasion. With the quality of the balm being soft and cushiony, the bruised plum lipstick color by Tom Ford is long-lasting and doesn’t require those constant touch-ups during the day.

Lip shade #6 -

#506 by Armani -

#506 by Armani is one of the most luscious and iconic shades of winter lipstick colors from Armani. This deep-toned perfectly red shade will complement any party outfit – be it the grunge party-wear look or the sexy after office charm.

We know that not all lipsticks are meant for all lips, similarly, all lipstick colors aren’t meant for all looks. You wouldn’t wear a nude makeup shade along with a rather plain dress to a party, you’d rather go for that look on a regular day out. Similarly, you may not always feel confident wearing a bright red lipstick to work and would rather keep that for those days when you’re in the mood for a party.

Whatever the case, knowing how to pick the right lipstick shade for the right outfit is a must-have skill for every woman. This winter, add these yummy winter lipstick colors 2020 to your lipstick collection.