Your Winter Guide to styling Knitwear this season

COVER STORY / 2019-11-27

Your Winter Guide to styling Knitwear this season

Bidding Summer adieu might have been sad for a few of you, but there are many reasons to rejoice the onset of winter, on being the sheer joy of wearing cozy knits! Who doesn’t enjoy the warmth and comfort of being wrapped up in a thick jumper, holding a hot chocolate and just reveling in the nippy winter months? We’re sure these are the few moments you’d like to bask in, this coming winter! 

You may have already started stocking up on some cool knitwear trends for 2020 to upgrade your wardrobe this season, like a cable-knit sweater, an oversized jumper or a statement cape. Whatever it is that you’re yearning to wear this season, we’ve got your back. We have highlighted some key styles and favorites for the women who want to look their fabulous best. The best It-Girl-approved ensembles featuring textured co-ords, foolproof monotone knit outfits, layered knitwear types and looks that will make you winter-ready every day of the upcoming months! Trust us, you will not regret these one bit.

CHINTI AND PARKER Ski High Rainbow Cashmere-blend Sweater

Unapologetically Co-ordinated

We’re all about outfits that give us some extra time in the morning and are snooze-friendly. Cue Co-ord sets! These easy to style, no fuss outfits are exactly what your wardrobe needs. With minimal-styling and low upkeep, it will keep you feeling cozy, and make you feel highly stylized at the same time. These co-ord outfits have been at the helm of all trends this year. From celebrities sporting this trend to bloggers blowing it up on the ‘gram, we’re sure we can rock it in our everyday lives as well. So hop onto this knitted co-ord bandwagon, cause it’s everything you want in an outfit: Fashion and function all in one.

A Pop of Colour

Red, Blue or Green? We are big fans of these primary colors and we highly endorse them in our knitwear jumpers. F/W ‘19 saw many designers flaunt their knits in bright, bold and vivid colors. From bright canary yellows to deep crimson reds, there was no dearth of color schemes. Runways were lit up with bright popping shades of every color imaginable, and we found ourselves immersing ourselves knee-deep in this lush trend! So lookout for a pop of color during your next shopping haul, because your wardrobe could definitely do with some color.

SEA Nora Oversized Sweater

All-Knit Everything

If you’re someone who feels the chill more than the average person, you might want to pay close attention to this one. Go all out with your selection of separates to completely bury yourself in comfort and style your knitwear. This look might be a bit overwhelming for some, but isn’t that what fashion is about? Get extra with this outfit if you’re in the mood to turn some heads during your next grocery run! We highly recommend this style and trend for anyone who’s feeling a little adventurous.

Make a Statement with this Cape

Being in the spotlight might not be enjoyed by everyone, but if you’re someone who enjoys being the center of attention then this style matches your personality just right. Long billowing capes have been the talk of the town since time immemorial. Be it Burberry, LVMH or other luxury houses, this style has been tried and tested by all the big names in Fashion. Adopting this knitted cape can prove to be your answer to easy-going and fuss-free winter dressing. Wear it over a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, or simply a dress. The knitted cape will never let you down!

Knitwear Dress

Who said you couldn’t sport dresses during Winter? Our knit styles will make sure you have enough to keep yourself warm and cozy this winter season. Opt for a tight and intricate knitwear type to make sure your warmth is cooped up and does not let any cold air enter your clothes. Pair this adorable look with a leather jacket, long cape or a thick coat in case you decide to venture out (there is no alternative to layering up, ladies!). Complete the look with dangling earrings, black sneakers or boots and of course, an interesting bag or satchel to keep all your belongings safe in.

It’s time to bring out the stockings and boots because the cozy season is just around the corner.  Make sure you are fully equipped with outfits that leave you feeling like it’s Christmas (and it almost will be). Take our advice and look like the best version of yourself, cause there is no other way!

PRABAL GURUNG Open-Back Ribbed Knit Midi Dress