Why buy second-hand designer bags? 2nd hand designer bags are trendy

TREND / 2019-11-06

Why buy second-hand designer bags? 2nd hand designer bags are trendy

Isn’t it every Fashion girl’s dream to own her very own designer bag? From the quilted Chanel bag to the D-shaped Dior bags, these bags have become iconic over the years. These investment bags are not only prized possessions in a woman’s wardrobe, but they also increase in value over time. The original prices of some of these exquisite designer bags can sometimes be exorbitant, if not sky-rocketing. But what makes them so attractive is the sheer reason that not everyone can own one. The quality of these handbags is unparalleled, to say the least, and every It-Girl blogger seems to have one hung up her shoulder. From the much-coveted YSL bags to the contemporary Balenciaga shoulder bags, to the classic Pradas, and Celines, these luxury handbags are exactly what dreams are made of! But have we mentioned the charm of buying second-hand designer bags? There might be more to it than you ever thought!

The affinity to buy luxury designer bags may be natural, and it sometimes might end up burning your pockets. But what if we told you that there was a way you could own these gorgeous beauties, without having to empty your bank account? Upcycling and owning designer second-hand bags have become a huge trend in Fashion and one can’t help but deny the importance of it all. With sustainability being at the helm of every environmental discussion, it has become a favorite amongst many fashionable women. 


So here are 5 reasons why you should invest in and buy second-hand designer bags!

1. Pocket-friendly prices

The beauty of purchasing second-hand designer bag is that they come at a much, much lesser price. Buying a Chanel bag will be approximately 50% cheaper than its original retail price. Pre-loved handbags are thriving because of the increase of awareness in shoppers that sometimes it’s better to upcycle products than to buy brand new ones. We are already big advocates of this trend!

2. You don’t pay sales tax!

Used designer handbags are not taxed since the original buyer has already paid the charge when they first bought the bag. Hence, not only are you exempt from the taxes, but the bag will be charged at a much-subsidized rate for you, giving you plenty of extra cash to pick up those other items in your cart!

3. Reduces your carbon footprint

When you buy a pre-loved or a second-hand designer bag, it does not necessarily end up in a landfill. If you look at this issue critically, you realize that more people buy these pre-loved designer handbags, lesser items will be manufactured and hence will reduce the pollution which is caused during the manufacturing process. So you’re doing the planet good by buying second-hand goods. In a world where Fashion is being regarded as one of the most wasteful industries, it’s a good idea to adopt this trend!

4. Pre-loved Vintage

Ever heard of all the Vintage stores sprawled across Europe? There’s a reason why personal shoppers are rushing to these stores to pick up these prized possessions. Buying an older, pre-loved designer handbag might just increase it’s worth because everyone wants Vintage now! 

5. You can buy more handbags at the price of 1:

Being able to afford retail prices is great, but won’t it be even better if you could perhaps buy 2 at the price of 1? When you opt to buy 2nd hand designer bags, you are opting to buy a piece of history with minimal signs of use. Their beautiful functionality, craftsmanship, and quality will always be there with brands like Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, etc. But with pre-owned Chanel bags, the price drops siginificantly which is an amazing feeling for the lucky one who snaps it. It’s a smart shoppers dream to own an archive piece of fashion for a fraction of retail.


While designer handbags could prove to be a heavy load on your pockets, second-hand designer bags come as a blessing from above. If you want to be a fashion-forward yet smart shopper, take your time to understand the worth in investing in these pre-loved luxuries. They are not only a conscious shoppers’ dream but are also a much smarter investment overall.

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