How to style a trench coat? The trench coat outfit ideas in autumn.

COVER STORY / 2019-10-02

How to style a trench coat? The trench coat outfit ideas in autumn.

The single-breasted trench coat is a contemporary wardrobe staple that never goes out of style. Not just the style, but It’s functionality sets it apart from the other winter coats and jackets. We have trenches in latex, neon, printed, and many more variants now, but a good old solid black/beige trench is enough to keep your look well put together and protected from the elements on blustery fall evenings, trench coats in rain and spring afternoons, and everyday mornings when you're on the go.


A new trend that has emerged lately is trench coats with hoodie, and we are completely in awe of the style! So, how to style a trench coat fashionably? Here is our take on this new contemporary trend and give you some trench coat outfit ideas.

ALEXA CHUNG Panel Detail Trench Coat

JONATHAN SIMKHAI Structured Twill Utility Belted Trench Coat

TIBI Finn Twill Quilted Trench Coat

Belted trench coats for women might have been the recurring norm, but full-length trench coats for women have come a long way from this classic. This year, create our own sense of irrepressible style with a trench coat layered with a comfy hoodie. So, we give you some trench coat outfit ideas. Trench Coats in summer seem to be picking up since last year as opposed to trench coats in the rain. Why do we need to combine hoodie and coats, you ask? Well, if you’ve ever found yourself having a little argument inside of your head about the impracticality of rainy-day outerwear that doesn’t have a hood, and the ones who have a hood are not chic enough – we get it.

SELF-PORTRAIT Shearling Collar Short Twill Trench Coat

ALEXA CHUNG Fitted Knee Length Leather Coat

Coming a long way from their original use as coats worn in trench warfare by British troops during World War I, trench coats with hoods have become lightweight and fashionable alternatives to sporty raincoats. Although, finding a trusty hood to layer is no easy task. Trench coats with hoods are a key fall-winter fashion player this year. Whether you wear one cinched at the waist with a wide buckle belt or leave it open to show off a skimpy sweater dress underneath, hooded trench coat outfit ideas can get difficult to find, which is why we’ve put together a slew of trench coat outfit ideas to try right now to try on with this dependable combo.

RED VALENTINO Half Sleeve Trench Coat

For smart office wear

Opt for a wool trench coat instead of a suit jacket, because it’s still smart at the same time it's much lighter to be layered. It keeps your silhouette slim, particularly if you belt the waist tight, which gives you more shape. Roomy enough to fit a hoodie under, trench coats are office appropriate without a doubt. Go for neutral colors and avoid the sun-ready colors when it comes to workwear with unique layering like this one. Interestingly, bomber-style hoodies with broad shoulder-lines and longer sleeves look great with a midi pencil skirt and a trench coat. Also, you’d be surprised at the amazing fashion effect that you can witness when you match the pants of your crisp pantsuit with a hoodie and complete the look with a trench! The secret here is to make sure that the colors don’t clash, so colors which are from the same palette are preferable.

For date night (or day)

Lightweight, rainproof and hard-wearing are the things that make a trench coat the perfect outerwear for days as well as nights. Ladies' short trench coat looks great with casual layers underneath, especially when left open to show off the unique layered styling and those jaw-dropping collar bones. If you're feeling extra, try a cropped trench coat outfit, so you, too, can embody the supermodel’s look by matching the crop-hoodie with treggings or a similarly-colored mini skirt for a day-date look. Opt for vintage-print trousers to go with the hoodie for a refreshing date-night look.

GANNI Camo Print Heavy Satin Dress Trench Coat

MSGM Sequin Panel Trench Coat

SELF-PORTRAIT Oversized Pinstriped Trench Coat

For the weekend shenanigans

Whether you’re going to be in and out of restaurants or just winning your luck in a game-parlor with your girl gang, a petite trench coat or women's short trench coats will ensure the perfect level of smartness and comfort for any situation. Add colors, pair blue jeans, with a contrasting hoodie and trench coat. You can experiment with an oversized hoodie and trench with boots too if you’re not the one who likes to cover up head to toe. Since we’re talking about rather casual-smart looks, remember that trench will look good with rugged footwear (owing to its military roots). Ankle boots + a basic coat + graphic print hoodie inside the coat. This combination sounds a bit strange, but the results are not bad at all. Play with grunge touches. You can add leather leggings and leopard print pointed-toe pumps to add some more sass. Appear in a long black coat worn atop burgundy hoodie that is styled with cool skinnies and trainers.

ALEXIS Jocasta Satin Trench Coat

MARISSA WEBB Mariel Trench Coat