Ocean Eyes Singer Billie Eilish's Unique Rockstar Clothes

Ocean Eyes Singer Billie Eilish's Unique Rockstar Clothes

Billie Eilish is an American singer and songwriter who released her debut single, Ocean Eyes, in 2016. However, the incredibly captivating lyrics and vocals of her songs were not the only things that stole everyone’s attention when she came into the limelight. Billie’s style is on a whole other level of cool. She is easily the undisputed queen of comfort dressing. In fact, everything about this young artist is simply unique. Her angelic voice mixed with dark lyrics is another unique combination that comes out of her. Her taste in fashion will make you feel like ‘‘why didn’t I ever think of wearing that level of comfy? It looks absolutely cool’’.

In some media interviews earlier about her daily wardrobe, Billie has said – “I don’t actually dress any different onstage versus offstage. In Fact, I dress like I’m on stage all the time. I either thrift or I source pieces of from certain designers that I like. For me, super-cheap meets fancy, which caters to my style because I always dress really insane with a lot of different colors while I always try to be really creative with what I’m wearing. I’ll wear pants on my arms or I’ll cut up a shirt and wear the sleeve as a headband or I’ll wear different shoes on each foot and I’d still find that good.’’

Eilish has probably the most unique celebrity wardrobes out there. She can rock anything, from matching head to toe monotone outfits to silky Gucci ensembles. She is a true experimental diva when it comes to fashion. There are not many people who could pull off outfits like the ones Billie pulls off on red carpets. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar in 2017, she revealed that she's fully aware of how her style appears to the world and that’s why she loves it more. She likes dressing out of her comfort zone in a way that if she was in a room full of people wearing regular clothes, everyone would be looking at her. She accepted that she likes to feel that way (brownie points for her confidence that is way cooler than her style!).

While Eilish doesn’t dress like the stereotypical teenage girl with body-fitted clothes, her style successfully blurs gender lines. Through her unique style that dispenses rockstar vibes, she inspires everyone to wear what makes them feel confident and most comfortable. Be it mini-skirts or oversized shorts, go for it. Own your style and don’t let the world or magazines define it for you. There’s not a single post on Billie’s Instagram which lacks quirk in any of her outfit pictures. She is always sporting an outfit that makes you think, “That is really cool”. We’ve pulled together some of her coolest looks to show you what makes her style unique.

When She Makes Season’s Trends Look Trendier

The young singer translates her high affinity for oversized sweatshirts and sneakers well with the current trends. The SS’19 trending neon and animal print trends are something most people could only dream of pulling off the distinctive way that she does. Her outfits below are the ultimate combination of swag, trends, and comfort, and she rocks these outfits without any sloppiness. Billie looks like a snack in these colorfully bold combos.

When She Does Graphic Print Like No one Else

Billie’s daring and a little bit intimidating graphic print clothing style is the game changer. Billie likes to add a peculiar flair to her wardrobe with bold gigantic prints in various colors and ill-fits.

Her ‘extra’ style has earned her a reputable name in the fashion media world. She is a revolutionary teenager who is breaking the fashion rules, one at a time.

When She Makes Iconic Luxury Brands Look Like Never Before

There are few people who would even think of pulling off a Louis Vuitton or Gucci like Billie does. Her luxury outfits are not your regular dresses and bags but XXXL sweat-suits and bermuda which are mostly custom designer pieces. Billie’s level of coolness is at 20 years ahead of her age that we could be legit jealous of. Check out some of her most Billie-esque luxe outfits.