3 ways to revamp denim jacket like Rihanna and Gigi Hadid

3 ways to revamp denim jacket like Rihanna and Gigi Hadid

For decades, denim jackets have come back and reinvented themselves in wild and innovative ways. Remember Justin and Britney’s early 2000s denim on denim extravaganza? While some looks might appear a
little dated, basic, or too risqué, we found new ways to revamp denim jackets outfit for women.

OVERSIZED, SHRUGGED LOOKs like rihanna and gigi hadidi

Wear it as an oversized denim jackets, like Rihanna and Gigi Hadid! A shrobe or“shrug robe” is a denim jacket worn shrugged off-the-shoulder as one wears a classy shawl or evening jacket, letting both
shoulders breathe. Or you can always keep it on one shoulder and shrugged off the other, for a dynamic yet casual look. This allows some skin-baring sexiness, along with a just-woke-up vibe that’s alluring in any scenario. Pair with a sassy floral or striped sundress.


Vintage never goes out of style, right? Our favorite vintage denim jacket outfit is the shearling-lined one with a boyfriend silhouette. Combined with the right acid wash or bleach, this look is your ‘90s staple piece
that you can pair with high waisted shorts and a bralette or crop top. Just make sure that the shearling is thin, as this is a seasonal transition piece that might be a bit too much as the summer seasons approach.


This dramatic look taken from the boudoir to the streets can be as lightweight or heavyweight as you’d like. You can even wear a long denim jacket unbuttoned and worn as a trench-style jacket. Floor
length denim jacket manages to look luxurious and street-inspired at the same time, and pairs perfectly with a flowing maxi dress and sling-backs. Or go the Converse and leggings route – it will look fabulous regardless!