Before embarking on his third jeans venture, 3x1, California native Scott Morrison had been the successful founder of two other well-known jeans brands, Paper Denim & Cloth and Earnest Sewn. His interest in the clothing industry developed as a college student at the University of Washington and he soon found himself working for local Seattle luxury golf wear company, where he helped create a womenswear division to huge success. In 1998 Morrison moved to New York to pursue a sales and marketing opportunity with Mudd Jeans, where he began thinking about different design concepts and the possibility of starting his own business. A year later, he founded Paper Denim & Cloth, one of the first premium jean brands in contemporary fashion. Five years later, he started Earnest Sewn as an ode to Made in America and love of heritage.

Finding himself deeply attracted to and inspired by the jeans making process, Morrison had an unprecedented idea: create the opportunity to experience that process for people with a penchant for thoughtfully designed, well-made jeans. 3x1 was launched in Manhattan in 2011.

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