The Woman
May 18, 2018
The Woman
By Anne Raso
6 way to building relationships with colleagues in the workplace.

6 way to building relationships with colleagues in the workplace.

No matter what your job is, your network (and its health) is going to be the single greatest factor in succeeding—and that begins with the people working directly with you. In the long term, over a multi decade career, you want to feel that you also enjoyed yourself and that your career was not one big ball of stress that was about putting food on the table and not much else. For this reason, relationships with other women on the job should truly be cherished and joyfully working together puts the personal touch in the corporate world. Creating peace in the workplace is so important because the amount of hours one spends at their job. (Today, the average American works more than the standard 40-hour workweek.) Here are some easy ways women working together can truly connect:

Start a lunchtime club

Even if you are pressed for time and usually end up eating a salad at your desk, try to get your female workers together for at least 20 minutes in a quiet office space to catch up at least twice per week. This will lead to after work friendships!

Volunteer as a team

Nothing is more fulfilling than getting the ladies together to volunteer once a month to help out at a charity whether it be serving at a soup kitchen or working a glamorous evening event’s silent auction table. It feels good to raise money for a worth cause and will bring you closer together!

Have a “ladies night”

once per week, have everyone meet for dinner. Work problems are only to be discussed for the first five minutes and then after that it’s strictly all “bonding time.”

Work face to face instead of via computer

It is truly strange that people who work at cubicles five feet from each other email instead of talk. It is so much more personable and productive to talk to people face to face or call meetings once in the morning and once in the afternoon and then send around notes via email.

Draw up a weekly goal chart on a dry erase board together

This chart should be done in ten minutes or less at a Monday morning meeting and posted in a spot within eyeshot of all involved. At the end of the week, accomplishments are checked off. Everyone will undoubtedly feel proud of what they’ve achieved. Be willing to share childcare dutiesfor instance, if your sitter cancelled, you can see if a coworker is spending the night in and if you can send the kids over there. Of course, you will return the favor!

Have a weekly treasure hunt or game

This is a great “bonus” on Casual Fridays (sorry, no guys allowed). Money is collected for small prizes such as Starbucks gift cards or luxury lipsticks and the items are hidden within the office environment. Another fun challenge is to have the ladies try to pick up M&M’s with chopsticks or play Family Feud (both an app and board game exist).

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