Based in New York, the self-taught Seoul native Joomi Lim became globally recognized shortly after the launch of her eponymous brand in 2009. She blends her playfulness and lively personality into her designs with a rock ‘n roll edge. Joomi Lim is frequently featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and W magazine; Glam Punk is the best way to describe her feminine meets tough.
Joomi Lim’s feminine & edgy look is highly seek after among both celebrities and publications. Pair her necklaces with black denim and rugged boots to create an edgy look like Chiara. Dress up in evening dress with metallic choker or long strand punk crystals to balance the girl and rock in you.


Joomi’s signature spikes in metallics are perfect for all occasions. Pair it with cardigans, pretty laces, even sweats + denims to spice up your daily outfit. Who says you can’t be casual and edgy.


Pearls are the ultimate classics, but who says pearls can’t be tough and edgy? Joomi’s long strand pearls are paired with both studs and pretty crystals, it is the ultimate statement for edgy chic. Whether you are in a feminine dress or blazer suits, this pearls x studs is the perfect statement piece.


Joomi’s latest invention is inspired by industrial architects. She borrows the geometric and hinges from industrial designs to create the Vertigo collection. Metallic spheres with golden hinges makes an unexpected harmony. It is the perfect accessory for the androgynous you.