Effortlessly mixing prints and blending casual with luxe, the t-shirt and maxi skirt combo provides a fresh, no fuss approach to this season’s wardrobe.

Graphics + Dramatic Slit

A fitted maxi skirt, with a dramatic mile high side split, gets an unexpected, eclectic twist when paired with a quirky, bold graphic t-shirt. Keep the look playful by pairing with smiley face slip on sneakers.

RED VALENTINO - Star Lace T-ShirtBOUTIQUE MOSCHINO - Polka Dot Silk Maxi Skirt

Graphic T-Shirt + Printed Maxi

Become a mix master, mixing bold prints in ultimate cool girl style. A graphic black t-shirt with gold stars provides an interesting contrast to the bold prints of a flowing black and white polka dot maxi skirt.

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