May 11, 2016

Taylor Tomasi Hill

Taylor Tomasi Hill

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Amongst the dizzying spectacle of fashion devotees who take to the streets of the world’s sartorial hubs every season, Taylor Tomasi Hill is one who stands out time and again. While she has an impressive list of professional qualifications – from style and accessories director for U.S. Marie Claire to creative director for Moda Operandi and, most recently, creative and fashion director at Forty Five Ten – it is her ever-evolving style that has earned her modern muse status.

Known for her bright red locks and appetite for fashion experimentation, Tomasi Hill has an eye for combining disparate elements for a unique blend of feminine-masculine and vintage avant-garde (often with a dash of preppy). Her talent for playing with texture, color, and shape is apparent in the way she builds her outfits. Common in her wardrobe rotation are various combinations of tweed, plaid, tulle, pleats, leather, and mesh – which she often expertly dons at the same time. A variety of fitted or relaxed bottoms, including skirts, shorts, and pants of varying lengths and textures also make frequent appearances. Never veering too far on either end of the spectrum, she consistently maintains an impeccable style that is always cool and at the forefront of her fashionista peers.

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While the nascent stylist in many of us may not have Tomasi Hill’s creativity and aesthetic eye, in deconstructing her style, experimentation and balance come to mind again and again. At first glance, the thought of creating anything similar to her outfits may seem daunting; however, like most everything, start small and think simple. Opt for simple, clean lines and classic pieces as a base to prevent the overall look from ever going overboard. If the outfit is based on basics such as well-tailored pants, pencil skirt, collared shirt, fitted sweater, or clean cut jacket, throwing in some unexpected embellishments such as sequins, embroidery, lace, studs, or loud patterns wont appear gaudy.

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Foundational pieces can also include preppy items such as oxfords, nautical inspirations, chambray, and cable knits. Next, the fun part. Layering is a something Tomasi Hill does often and extraordinary well. To prevents the look from becoming too straight-laced, try a bright pink bustier over a pinstriped shirt under a earthy-tone pea coat. This gives a hint of color moving about the day with the option of a more standout look once the coat is removed. As Tomasi Hill has shown, experimentation and incorporating the unexpected can yield dividends.