Being Happily Single: It’s All About Living The Life You Want And Feeling Free!

Being Happily Single: It’s All About Living The Life You Want And Feeling Free!

Whether you have always been single or are widowed/divorced, being single obviously gives you plenty of “me time”— as much as you want of it without it affecting your work life. Being single does not mean being lonely—it means that you can live your life to the fullest without caring what other people think. You can leave your house a mess, read your favorite book for hours, totally “own” the TV remote, eat whatever you want without judgment, and even stay in your pajamas all day. Single people know that solitude definitely has its rewards.

We have all felt the pressure of having to be coupled but in an age where less traditional lifestyles are accepted, just go for what you want and don’t let anyone stop you. Being alone gives you more time for exercise and health-related activity as it has been noted in recent surveys–as well as time for self-indulgence.

Being single does not mean only concentrating on oneself—there is more time to give to others. Spend some of your free time volunteering for a charity or teach that lovely kid in your building how to play an instrument that you’ve excelled in. The true balance in life comes when you have fulfilled obligations to work and family, spent enough time on your hobbies and having fun–and then sharing your talents with others.

Traveling alone is one of the greatest gifts that a single person can experience. While some people are afraid of getting lost in foreign lands, with the Internet, travel apps, GPS and people speaking English in most countries, you do not have much to fear. Imagine the beauty of winging it on a trip through Europe with a Eurorail pass and booking hotels as you go!

Stand up for a cause that you care about by demonstrating or getting a petition signed. Do an activity that might seem outrageous to others like bungee jumping, taking a road trip alone in a rental car on the spur of the moment or have a blast piecing together your family ancestry online.

“Going solo” is not without its comments from others who feel that being coupled up is the only way to go. The ages-old “why are you still single” question pops its ugly head up periodically in every single person’s life—and as far as being the “third wheel” when going out with couples, this situation has really become less of an issue in the past couple of decades. Just as it has become accepted that men and women can be “just friends,” no one but the most old-fashioned feel that leisurely fun needs to be in an all-couples or all-singles situation.

Ultimately, being single is ideal for feeling 100 per cent free and self-aware, and it gives us time to further develop rewarding non-romantic relationships. The more that you lean on yourself for both the basics and luxuries in life, the more you feel confident and less fearful of what the future might bring.
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