August 31, 2016

Checkers and gingham

Checkers and gingham

Checkers and gingham

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Checkers are making a comeback and this time it’s vintage, modern, and everything in between. Designers play with the versatility of the pattern through different materials, silhouettes, colors, and proportions. No doubt, creations this Fall and Winter will be full of plaids, gingham, tartan patterns, and argyle applications.

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As the weather cools down, there are a multitude of options for incorporating this trend to suit lower temperatures. For a more conservative or traditional approach, several designers offer sophisticated and sedated looks in hushed gray tones and curve-accentuating dresses, boxy separates, and simple overcoats. For those who like to take the path less traveled, spate of whimsical, audacious numbers in bright hues and irregular configurations have also made landfall for some counterbalancing effects from the other end of the spectrum.

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As with other patterns and trends, today’s designers are more than ever producing garments that can be worn from season to season using high quality materials and thoughtful aesthetics that stand up to the test of time. The versatility of the designs makes it easier to incorporate checkers into any existing wardrobe (not to mention more agreeable to the wallet).

Throw in the right accouterments and suddenly sweet plaid prints are assume an assertive, sexy alter ego by way of boots, metallic, and integrations of chains or buckles. Paired just right, even a tawny brown fabric can shine this season and have its moment within the checkered landscape.