August 10, 2016

Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody

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Unrestricted and artsy-nomadic– bohemian styling represents the antithesis of high fashion. With visual suggestions of gypsy-meets-grownup-flower-child and the threads worn at Coachella, Bohemian layering embodies folk, utility, and a diverse aesthetic. Possibly due to the wearer’s inherent nonchalance and need for comfortable versatility, the look has become commonplace for urbanites and festival-goers alike.

Deconstructing bohemian layers brings to the forefront paisleys, florals, minis, and ties coupled with denim, poplin and romantic embroidered silhouettes representing an era both rustic and modern. For the fashionable, on-trend group, an outfit can easily be pieced together from wardrobe must-haves from trends of days gone by. Printed maxi dresses, strappy or gladiator sandals, fur or sequined tops, and booties — any and all can be utilized. Throw in some fringe from a hobo bag, vest, dress, or cropped denim jeans and, voila, the look is complete.

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Key is maintaining a sense of free-spirited will that transcends rigid, prescribed fashion. Done right, the result is a heavenly blend of bohemia and earthly glamour. Those who enjoy having fun with fashion without compromising individual agency may enjoy experimenting with unconventional pairings such as wearing a breezy print midi dress as a tunic. Paired with a mini skirt and boots or flared jeans and acid wash top, the possibilities are endless. Wavy, untamed tresses or braids complement the look and add a touch of feminine charm.

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