Dresses With Pants


Dresses With Pants

Dresses layered over pants reveal a modern and unexpected approach to this season’s wardrobe.

GILES AND BROTHER - Mini Cortina RingGILES AND BROTHER - Mini Cortina Ring

Tunic + Jeans = Effortless

This season is all about elevated basics. Crisp white jeans receive an unexpected upgrade when paired with an embellished knit tunic, tan platform loafers and an olive crossbody bag, giving your daytime look an effortlessly cool appeal.

Dress + Pants = Innovative

Mixing hard and soft elements keep your ensemble innovative and fresh. Layering a delicate white ruffle mini dress over black leather lace up pants softens the edge of the dominatrix inspired pants and gives the ultra- feminine dress a modern makeover.

This season is all about layering modern wardrobe staples that have the ability to stand alone or be worn together, creating an effortlessly evolving wardrobe.

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