16 Most Wanted Women’s Winter Long Coats

16 Most Wanted Women’s Winter Long Coats

Winter is coming up fast, which means it’s time to start shopping for women’s winter long coats. There
are many different types of women’s winter long coats out there, so you’ll have plenty of options to
choose from, and can find one that suits your style. A good coat should be both stylish and functional,
with a sleek look that keeps you feeling warm and cozy no matter how cold it gets outside. Designers
have released their new collections for fall and winter this year, and we’re starting to get an idea of
what styles everyone is going to be coveting this year. Whether you adore classic styles or want to try
something innovative and modern, there will be coats for you. Here’s a peek into some of the styles we
can expect to see this season, and the 16 most wanted women’s winter long coats.

Double Breasted Coats

There’s something so classic about a double breasted coat. It looks very put-together, but can also
have a slightly androgynous feel that looks very modern. Double breasted coats are a big trend this
season, and they are available in a range of different styles and prints. For a modern, creative
take, go for an oversize option, but if your style is more classic, fitted is the way to go. If
you’re feeling bold, opt for a bright plaid option, which will make a statement on the street and
show that you’re truly fashion forward. If your style is more feminine, go in the opposite direction
with a baby pink option. It makes a statement, but still pairs well with virtually any outfit. If
you like your double breasted coats more classic, you can’t go wrong with a basic black, or keep
things elegant with a black and white check print.

Wrap Long Coats

A wrap long coat walks the line between elegant and flirty. The design is somewhat reminiscent of a
robe, and the flattering design is very feminine. The wrap detail really accentuates your waist and
really shows off your curves. Wrap long coats are also very versatile, pairing well with almost
anything. They look just as great with jeans and a T-shirt as they do with a sophisticated dress.
Many wrap long coats this season mimic the look of a robe – there’s been a trend towards fluffy
fabrics and long ties. These coats look stylish, but make you feel like you’re just staying cozy at
home. For a more elegant look, opt for a coat that takes cues from the classic wrap dress. Draped
lapels are a big trend right now that makes the coat look very dressy. Another trend is small faux
fur details, which are very stately.

Oversized Long Coats

The ‘borrowed from the boys’ look has been very popular for the last few seasons, so it makes sense
that oversized long coats are a major fashion trend this year. Oversized long coats will give you
that off duty model vibe that is so coveted in the fashion world, because they are stylish and
effortless at the same time. They are also incredibly comfortable, so you can look cute but stay
relaxed. They pair very well with dressier pieces for a nice contrast. Oversized coats usually look
best in classic neutrals, but you can also opt for a brighter color if you want things to really

Trench Coats

The trench coat has long been a classic and a staple of both women’s and men’s fashion. Trench coats come
in a variety of different shapes and materials, so there’s plenty of freedom within this classic look.
You can pair a trench coat with virtually anything and it will make the outfit look a bit more polished,
even if you’re just wearing jeans and a T-shirt. A big trend right now is the leather trench coat, which
adds a bit of edge to any look and gives you a fierce but sophisticated air. Many people are also opting
for trench coats with unique prints, like snakeskin or checkers. This is a great way to take a classic
item and make it a bit more fun, brightening up your winter days. Trench coats come in many different
lengths, so when shopping, you want to make sure you pick one that’s long enough to be flattering on
your body. Trench coats are also available in many different cuts, ranging from boxy and oversized to
more fitted options. Trench coats are some of the most versatile pieces available right now, and they’re
a staple in anyone’s wardrobe.