Fashion’s obsession with Euphoria makeup

COVER STORY / 2019-11-25

Fashion’s obsession with Euphoria makeup

If you still haven’t heard of Euphoria-it’s the new HBO drama television series that has been taking Gen-Z and all of us, by storm. The show paints the lives of Californian teens in a brutally honest way and explores controversial topics like drugs, sex, and depression. The show boasts of some incredible visuals ranging from vivid purple hues in several frames to some innovative camera angles. The bold and experimental makeup on the show has also been one of the most popular and trending themes of this year.

Head of makeup, Daniella Davy, shared that she designed each character’s looks to reflect their inner state of mind. Every character’s physical appearance was a direct depiction of their emotional state. The costumes and outfits on this show were no less artistic. Each character sketch saw it’s evolution through the range of ensembles that they sported. Kat’s character saw a major style transformation during the show’s run when she ended up wearing harnesses, leather, chokers and mesh skirts.

Coming back to reality, the Fashion world took some major inspiration from this show to bring out their very own whimsical desires.


Marc Jacobs show spelled E-U-P-H-O-R-I-A

Marc Jacobs brought some real-life fantasy to the NYFW runway with Gigi Hadid’s dazzling blue eyeshadow that perfectly matched her outfit. Visually, the mood at the Marc Jacobs show spelled E-U-P-H-O-R-I-A. From tea-green eyeshadow to glitter-encrusted eyes, the designer truly paid tribute to the show. Other looks spotted on the runway were spooky and spidery lashes with oodles of drama poured all over them. Glitter tears stole the show as it reminded us of a very dramatic Rue (played by Zendaya) in the show!

Nicole Miller had her way with some Euphoria-loving

Nicole Miller had her way with some Euphoria-loving too. Just like Jules had a thing for two-toned eyeshadow, the models were seen wearing neon colors on their eyelids too. This look was executed flawlessly throughout the show.

This is the heThe Pyer Moss show channeled '70s vibs

The Pyer Moss show also channeled some major ‘70s vibe using Swarowski crystals and metallic colors that sparkled in the light. The makeup reminded us of Maddy’s rhinestone-encrusted look in the show.  Another page out of Daniella’s makeup archives!

Many other shows referenced Euphoria at NYFW this year

Many other shows referenced Euphoria at NYFW this year. Pat McGrath’s manifested some of Jules innocent charm through neon pink lipstick and white cloud-shaped eyeliner for Anna Sui. The models had glitterings stars painted underneath their eyes which reminded us of Zendaya’s character Rue. Cynthia Rowley played with similar looks at her show with looks that resembled cloud-shaped eyes. It reminded us of Jules who wore exaggerated white eyeliner around the eyes. 

To be fair, Fashion has always used Art as a muse. Euphoria, in all its visual glory, ignited a new cult following for teenage make-up trends. NYFW showed us that it was completely acceptable (and celebrated) to paint your face with all the glitter and colors you wanted. Well, we’re all for experimental makeup and are grateful for this disruptive trend. Euphoria has definitely become the zeitgeist of our reality, and we can’t wait to see what it brings next!