Oscar Tiye

Wanting to create the perfect shoe that is “capable of expressing elegance and strength,” Amina Muaddi and Irina Curutz founded Oscar Tiye. The brand captures the grace of Queen Tiye –one of the most influential women of the Ancient Arab World. Legend has it that she received a jewel scarab on her wedding day as a good luck charm and blessing token. The luxury shoe brand upholds that promise of good fortune by adorning all its soles with the scarab and its mysticism, to bless its wearer with its powers.

Oscar Tiye shoes are made in the prestigious Riviera del Brenta area –Italy’s luxury shoe district where artisanal craftsmanship and the finest leather and fabrics, ensure exceptional quality and one of a kind aesthetics in all of its products. Each pair bears the brand’s signature magenta lining and padded insoles that guarantee comfort to the stunning shoes.

Oscar Tiye collections are an ode to Italian decadence. Spectacular shapes and striking details always take the spotlight. Ultra-saturated colors, high-octane metallic hues and high-shine glittery finishes lend the shoes its glamorous allure.

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