Lizzie Fortunato

With the pursuit of creating one of a kind accessories that combine vintage materials and precious charms, handcrafted to capture vibrant cultures and artistic locales, twin sisters Lizzie and Kathryn Fortunato founded Lizzie Fortunato in 2008.

Lizzie, the whimsical designer behind the progressively modern line of jewelry, studied Art History and English while Kathryn, who oversees sales and operations of the brand, draws from her Economics background. Lizzie Fortunato is the result of their yin and yang set of skills and Lizzie’s intent to share her philosophy of “dressing to tell a story.” A distinct narrative is reflected in each piece of jewelry she creates –often capturing artistic, architectural and historical references.

Inspired by art, artisanal craftsmanship and their travels, each piece is a modernist masterpiece with an exotic flair. Black raffia, mother-of-pearl African beads, brass, bones and peacock-inspired pearls can take its wearer to Hawaii and Marrakech at an instant.

Produced in New York City, the Lizzie Fortunato collection is handcrafted by a team of talented seamstresses and metalsmiths who handle each accessory with extreme care. Lizzie Fortunato has even expanded the brand and launched its own line of leather goods in 2011. Clutches, shoulder bags and small leather goods are adorned with intricate beading and hand-loomed embroidery, bold prints and vintage textiles, emulating the same quirks and whimsy of their jewels.

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