Meteo by Yves Salomon

Boasting over 100 years of heritage, tradition and culture, Yves Salomon and its family of zealous visionaries and pioneers, have built a powerful label known for its exceptional knowledge of fur, passed on and cultivated over four generations and six varied lines. Each Salomon, seemingly, gives the luxury brand a rebirth by reinventing timeless fur into contemporary, covetable pieces. Mateo by Yves Salomon is a dynamic and directional diffusion line that exudes a youthful spirit and a trend-driven mood, serving as an exciting spin on its parent brand. Cool, sleek and sophisticated fur and suede salute its Parisian and Russian pedigree, with modern and irresistibly chic outwear and accessories that continually seduce women into draping themselves in wearable luxury. Oversized cuts or streamlined designs are paired with meticulous detailing –either in the form of an embroidered shearling bomber jacket, a coat with a daring leopard print or a sumptuous cropped fur vest.

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