Best High Waisted Jeans and Pants Outfit Ideas

Best High Waisted Jeans and Pants Outfit Ideas

High waisted jeans and pants are a staple that every young woman should have in their wardrobe. They are
incredibly flattering and make your legs look miles long, and they’re also comfortable and versatile.
High waisted jeans and pants can be dressed up for a sexy date night or girl’s night out, but they can
also be dressed down for running errands or a casual day at work. Since they sit above your hips, they
create the illusion of an hourglass figure, and look equally good on curvy and boyish figures. Here are
some of the best high waisted jeans and the most flattering ways to wear them. Regardless of what your
style is, this cut will give you a look that’s commanding and stylish.

Pair with Crop Tops: Sweet and Flirty

High waisted jeans are the perfect complement to a simple crop top. While crop tops can look a bit
with low rise pants, they look sweet and flirty with high waisted jeans. The best high waisted jeans
with crop tops are snug and fit your curves closely, and then are paired with a top that has a bit
more volume to balance things out. The cheeky bit of stomach showing gives a little bit of sex
appeal without going over the top. Alternatively, you may opt to pair a tight crop top with wide leg
high waisted pants for a unique and fashion forward look. To keep the outfit balanced, make sure at
least one piece is a neutral color, otherwise the outfit can look a bit over the top. Many of the
best high waisted jeans with crop tops are a versatile blue wash that pairs well with everything. If
you want a look that’s a bit edgier, opt for a gray wash in a tight cut.

High Waisted Wide Leg Trousers with Statement Jackets

For an avant garde, fashion forward look, try pairing a pair of high waisted wide leg trousers with your
favorite bold statement jacket. This is a look that many models have been sporting at fashion week, and
it gives you a look that’s a bit androgynous but also very chic and modern. The best high waisted wide
leg trousers are cut so that they’re slim around the waist and thighs, but elongate out into a loose
bottom that’s comfortable and flattering. Wide leg trousers make your legs look thin and long, and
pairing them with a statement jacket also gives you the illusion of having a small waist. If you want a
look that’s more classic, opt for a neutral color, like beige or navy. If you’re going for a bold
statement, try trousers that are in bright colors. Some of the best high waisted wide leg trousers this
year are in colors like pink and yellow. Many people are also sporting the athleisure look, where
trousers have design elements that are inspired by sweatpants or workout pants, but are also made with
luxurious fabrics and have fashion forward detailing. Athleisure inspired high waisted wide leg trousers
pair well with statement leather jackets.

Pair with Sweaters: Edgy, Professional and Feminine

There’s something inherently preppy about the idea of high rise pants and sweaters, but with so many different options out there, you can style them to look edgy, professional, feminine, or any other way you want. Pairing women’s high rise pants with sweaters is a great way to stay warm in the winter while still looking stylish. Look for fitted sweaters that aren’t too bulky – if they are longer than the waistline of your pants, then the proportions can look a bit odd. You should also make sure your high waisted pants or jeans are tight to compensate for the bulky or loose fit of the sweater. Casual sweaters are a good way to dress down a pair of more formal women’s high rise pants. They also look great with best high waisted jeans for a casual day of running errands. If you want to elevate the outfit for going out, wear heels or add unique and interesting accessories. Women’s high rise pants and sweaters are both very versatile items, so there are endless combinations to choose from.

High Rise Pants With Coats: Elegant and Modern

Since coats can be bulky and oversized, you will need to wear something underneath that emphasizes your shape. A pair of tight women’s high rise pants with coats is an interesting way to play with proportions while staying warm in the chilly fall and winter months. This look is also very elegant and modern, and it’s flattering on virtually every body type as well. Instead of a dress on a cold night out, opt for a pair of dressy high rise pants or trousers. A paper bag waist is one option that’s elegant and slimming. All you need are a pair of boots and a flattering top, and you have an outfit. Another option when pairing high rise pants with coats is to wear a best high waisted jeans and sneakers. This dresses down the formality of a long coat and makes for an interesting juxtaposition that would look great anywh.

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