The Woman

The Woman
By Naima Karp

The Human Rights Lawyer Who Took Hollywood and George Clooney by Storm

When we take a look at George Clooney’s past partners, we see a bevy of tall, tanned blonde women that don’t necessarily have an accolades under their belt. And as an A-list star, why would you need to stray away from the constant posse of Victoria’s Secret supermodels that are readily available to you?

Because a certain human rights lawyer and goddess named Amal Alamuddin graced him with his presence, and his world was never the same after that. Neither was ours.

The Lebanese-British activist and lawyer grew up in England, studying at the prestigious institutes Oxford University and NYU before embarking on her journey as a lawyer.

Alamuddin has worked on the Enron case, along with Kofi Annan, for the United Nations commission on Syria. She’s defended Wiki-Leaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange and former Ukrainian prime minster Yulia Tymoshenko, but has always remembered to take the side of the underdog and represent them too.

Much of her work also revolves around the mistreatment of women; Amal has worked closely with abused Yazidi women.

If you were set to marry George Clooney, you would think that your lifestyle would change drastically. But that’s one thing that Amal ensured never happened. Her lifestyle was dedicating all of her time to helping others in need through her fight for justice, and she refused to sacrifice that just because she was marrying a celebrity.

Fortunately, Amal married not just a celebrity but a socially and politically minded man who supports and contributes to her activism and philanthropic efforts.

While Amal has made incredible strides with her humanitarian and poverty aid work, the media still focuses on her style over her impressive work. As she fought against a Turkish politician denying the genocide of over 1.5 million people, journalists were still more interested in what designer threads the lawyer would tout.

She jokingly responded: “Ede and Ravenscroft,” to them, the brand who has been making legal robes for centuries. This cheeky comment diverted a superficial question, showing Amal take control of the conversation to give the voiceless a voice, inspiring many in the process.

George must have recognized the substance underneath Amal’s jaw-dropping, effortless beauty, realizing that he needed to hold on to this other-worldly woman. She handled the transition to fame in the public eye flawlessly, but still remained focused and dedicated to her craft.

Her goal isn’t to be photographed by the paparazzi —— it’s to create world peace and end suffering. She uses her clout and smarts to fight for the rights of others, rather than her name and appearance. She’s a reminder for us to stop obsessing over editing Instagram photos, and instead do something to better someone else’s life.

Amal is proof that you can be a stunning humanitarian, and not let celebrity overshadow that fact. While many celebrities use existing fame to aid their humanitarian efforts, Amal is just doing her job, dedicating herself selflessly to the plight of others as she has since Day One.