By Anne Raso

Get The Legs That You Want Quickly—Just Stretch, Step & Massage!

Many women feel that their legs are a hopeless case, even hiding them in the summer when the weather is hot. There are 7 easy exercises and spa tips that are proven to work:

Do Your Own Lifting

Take out those garbage bags and bring in those heavy shopping bags but use them as weights, too, okay? Who cares that the people you live with will laugh a little? Promise yourself that anytime you are carrying anything heavy, you will do three sets of lunges with those items before putting them in their proper places.

Fake The Baked Look

A tan can cover a multitude of leg problems but since they are not considered healthy anymore, find a bronzer with good coverage and apply after a good exfoliation. (Let dry thoroughly before putting on clothing.) Not only does having a deeper coloring make your legs look thinner but a bronzer can cover up scars, spider veins and even cellulite to a certain extent.

Save Your Coffee Grinds

It’s a bit messy but it’s true that a massage with coffee grinds does ease the look of cellulite by providing an external diuretic effect. Simply spread grinds on problem areas when you get into the shower, leave them on while you wash your hair and tend to other in-shower grooming, then massage in a circular motion for a minute or two. Rinse well with hot and then cold water.

Always Take The Stairs

Cut out using the elevator in any building less than six stories. If you walk up five stories or more a few times a day for two weeks, it will do REMARKABLE work on your calves and even lift your butt.

Do A Series Of Five Old-School Exercises

Your leg tone up routine should only take you ten minutes per day, either in the morning or before bed. Do three sets of 15 of the following five basics (remember to do both sides on all exercises except the last one)—leg lifts while lying on the floor on your side, classic lunges, classic ballet pliés done with a stable chair replacing the ballet bar, lateral lunge side kicks and the simplest of all exercises, raising yourself up on your tiptoes and lowering yourself again. If you want to throw in a bonus exercise, the Downward Dog Split is a yoga move that trims outer thighs. This is just a variation on the standard downward dog pose where instead of keeping your toes on the ground, you make the effort to raise your each leg as high as possible and hold for ten seconds and then lower. Repeat 15 times on each side.

Get A Massage

If you can afford them, leg massages are great for blood circulation (which is especially crucial for keeping varicose veins and spider veins from forming). A leg massage is invigorating and motivating both mentally and physically.

Use Clothing And Shoes To Your Advantage

Backless or slingback shoes with pointy toes and a V-shaped upper give the illusion of a longer leg. If the shoe is close to your skin tone and has a high heel, that will take the illusion even further. A timeless summer shoe that does the job is Tibi’s Dana Leather Pointed-Toe Kitten Heeled Mules available here on ifchic.com. Show off your gams in a casual side lace white romper like the Iro.Jeans Moltani Romper or in the flashy Rachel Comey Smokey Metallic Off-The Shoulder Romper, also both available on this site.