The Woman

The Woman
By Naima Karp
Embracing Diversity: The Modern Royal Family

Embracing Diversity: The Modern Royal Family

There’s a new, future-forward tradition in the royal family, thanks to Meghan Markle and open minds.

The Queen and Meghan Markle are breaking boundaries and making history for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is the fact that Markle is bi-racial, and divorced – two things that we would think to gossip and controversy amongst her very traditional hubby’s family.

And while Meghan and Harry have had their fair share of controversy from the media, the family has embraced her with open arms. They’ve shown a kind of open-minded and inclusive acceptance that sets a beautiful example for royalty all over the world, and in the continuation of the British monarchy throughout its future generations.

The royal family has had a tradition of marrying other Brits with very similar backgrounds, but both Markle and the Royal family have made it clear that you can love someone on other end of the world who has a polar opposite background, met with no barriers or animosity.

In the Queen’s address, she mentioned that she was looking forward to “welcoming new members,” and it was quite clear that she was referring to Meghan, indicating the amicable relationship between the two.

For a family that has been known for its polite and diplomatic tendencies, Prince Harry definitely expressed more passion than we’re used to seeing. It both warmed our hearts and gave us hope for the world.

One thing the Queen truly appreciates and care about is tradition, and Markle definitely isn’t your traditional English princess. But this is one situation where breaking tradition isn’t just a good thing – it represents our future. And the Queen agrees.

With the royal family on her side, most of the British public has also embraced Markle as the new princess and part of their beloved Royal family. The introduction of Meghan Markle into the aristocracy has helped revive a sometimes outdated and exclusive institution, bringing it into 2018 instead.

This year’s Britain is more racially and ethnically diverse than ever, so the impact of this is monumental in the U.K, and so is the Queen’s clout in taking her side.

When the public and media did initially throw some hateful or snobby comments about Markle, her fiancee the prince himself even released a statement demanding that people stop the “abuse and harassment” and media propagating racism, along with calling out the “outright sexism and racism of social media trolls”.

Since that and the Queen’s seal of approval, the public reception of Markle and the media’s depiction of her has been purely angelic and well-disposed, acting as a bright inspiration for young girls and aspiring princesses all over.

Instead of some princess on a pedestal, Markle is an everyday gal who the rest of the world can actually relate to.

The Queen of England has ushered herself and the Royal family into the age of love and acceptance without prejudice, and we’re truly excited about the future of the monarchy that her positivity will bring.