The Woman

The Woman
By Naima Karp
Meghan Markle’s Unbelievable Journey

Meghan Markle’s Unbelievable Journey

Mixed beauty Meghan Markle went from a relatively unknown television star to gracing the covers of magazines with the Royal family.

Meghan Markle’s background and her story: was she always an actress?

The 36-year old stunner was born and raised in California. Her background and reason for her exotic look is due to African American and Dutch-Irish roots. Her father was a photographer director on TV sets while her mother was a social worker and yoga instructor – she definitely didn’t grow up in the spotlight like Harry. She also didn’t always act – while she got discovered at a party, she previously worked as a freelance calligrapher. Her IG (now deleted) was filled with glamorous Hollywood pics and selfies, but with interior designs images, on-set photos, and her two rescue dogs, Guy and Bogart. The “Suits” show creator said Meghan got the role due to her tough attitude who was still authentic and likeable. No wonder Harry fell for her!

How did Meghan and Prince Harry meet, and what drew her to him?

It sounds like something out of a Disney movie, but the two just met on a blind date through a friend (just like us normal people do) and hit it off from there. They met in July 2016, but were spotted together for the first time in February 2017. Meghan has been married before, but split with her ex in 2013. We’re totally having a “stars are just like us” moment, except there’s no paparazzi following us around. Meghan’s said in interview that she disliked catty men, and loves when they go the extra mile to impress her. The regal Harry definitely excelled in both of those categories. She also loves hand written letters, so Harry must have gotten some brownie points in that department as well.

Their relationship faced troubles and strife, just like everyone else.

While millions of women gave an eye-roll to Meghan due to pure jealousy, she also received atrocious treatment due to her race and found it difficult to become accepted by Britain and the Royal family. But the bond between Harry and her was strong enough to rise above the hatred and prejudice, and because of that, is she’s now the first woman of color to marry into the Royal family. Meghan is an inspiring reminder that facing tough adversity is where revolution and positive change is most powerfully created.

Believe in yourself and marry a prince too, or better yet, be your own a princess!

Even if you don’t see yourself as a princess, you should start envisioning yourself that way, so that a prince can sense your confidence and make you his queen. They faced struggles and negativity, but their faith in themselves and each other prevailed, helping them rise to their ultimate happiness as they have today, with nuptials soon arriving. In just under a couple of years, this couple fell madly in love with each other and found their soul mate. You might be next!