July 27, 2016

Rachael Wang

Rachael Wang

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It’s hard not to get lost in the sea of sartorial mavens vying for fashion paparazzi attention during fashion week and across daily image feeds as street style photography takes over social media. In stark contrast to this backdrop, New York-based fashion director for Allure magazine, Rachael Wang has garnered incredible attention and respect for her seemingly unremarkable attire. Even her approach to shopping (rarely) and apathy toward brands and trends contradict what one might expect.
Preferring to allocate spending toward experiences, Wang budgets her dollars for travel, where she finds much styling and creative inspiration. Self-confidence and knowing herself drive the way she dresses and how she plans her wardrobe. “It’s really important to me to maintain my identity and to present myself as honestly as I can.” She does enjoy borrowing clothing or accessories from brands seeking publicity, but only when she truly likes the pieces. However, more often than not, Wang resists the temptation to dress specifically to be photographed.

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Wang loves to wear simple pieces that make statements without fuss. Monochromic outfits with a bohemian twist, vintage pieces with contemporary accessories, and quirky combinations of texture keep an interest. Sticking to basics and trusting her gut to take risks, Wang’s key to success (and the reason for her cult following) is always remaining true to herself.

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