May 25, 2016

Summer Blues

Summer Blues

Summer Blues

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This season’s most wearable color evokes clear skies, deep seas, and blissful summers. While white may be the all-time classic color, blue is a strong contender in terms of versatility and subtle enhancement. From vibrant turquoise to icy-blue, there’s a shade to suit every taste and temperament. For wow-worthy results, mix and match tops, bottoms, one-piece wonders, and outerwear for the most flattering combinations.
On a breezy day, a long coat in soft baby blue proves functional and tirelessly appropriate. Thrown over an all-black ensemble, the classically cut outer layer provides both warmth and an uplifting lightness of being. When the days get shorter and Fall eventually approaches, such a coat makes for a great transitional piece by keeping things light and bright even if the weather may not be as cheerful.

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For an unconventional yet classy and polished look, try a fitted, lacey top, pencil skirt, and simple pumps in pastel blue. Cut loose in roomy pants and a denim-inspired jacket for another unexpected combination on a casual day.
Another way to wear summer blue is to think of the color as one would denim and start building the look from there. Lovely jolts of cobalt and aquamarine add depth and a sense of transcendence (think of clothes that remind you of that first glimpse of the sea along the coast or that blue patch of sky as clouds make way for a breezy, sunny day).

Short on time? Grab an off shoulder frock or jumpsuit for on-trend and on-time dressing. Pull these one-piece wonders out of the dresser for many summers to come.
Neutral colors such as black, white, and tan also complement blues well. Worn together, these colors and different shades of blue work with most skin tones and easily create elegant, simple pairings both alluring and timeless.

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