May 4, 2016

90's comeback

90's comeback

90's comeback

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It's time to dig through your closet to find that plaid top, slip dress, and baggy jeans from days gone by. Fashion tends to be cyclical and the latest reborn and re-worn trends take us back to the 90s. While there are certainly some throwbacks we’d rather erase from memory, several of these styles have resurged with a vengeance (think overalls, cropped tops, chokers, and flannel). Below, some ideas on how to navigate the trend in a modern way that exudes the carefree, sentimental attitude of the time.
Balance 90s references with today’s more utilitarian and sleek aesthetic. Instead of “carbon copying” looks exactly as they were in the 90s, recreate them in a modern and updated way. The key is to capture the essence of the time while keeping a fresh and on-trend vibe. Blending classic pieces of the era like crop tops or chokers into daily wear with skinny jeans and well heeled treads. Pair a favorite slip dress with a messy ponytail or add layers by wearing a t-shirt underneath.

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Overalls are also having a major moment. Long, cropped, or short, baggy or slightly fitted, today’s overalls are proving that the look can be a chic alternative to the popular jumpsuit. Incorporate some plaid to lightly incorporate subtle hints of the grunge days. A cropped top underneath can be a sexy way to show a little skin and still leave something to the imagination. The crop top is also a great choice for traversing between downtown cool and uptown chic. For a little more modesty, try a midi top, whose longer hemline means showing only a hint of skin, making it the perfect addition to an outfit for those of us not ready to bare that midsection.

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Lastly, a button-down wrapped around the waist remains the ultimate '90s styling trick, making a pulled-together outfit a bit more casual while adding some casual-meets-cool definition to the waistline.