March 16, 2016

The ultimate denim comeback

The ultimate denim comeback

The ultimate denim comeback

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Stonewashed. Skinny. Faded. Baggy. Low-rise. Few other materials have a broader lexicon than that of denim. Ever since Gloria Vanderbilt catapulted the material – once associated with blue-collar workers – into indispensable fashion, denim has captured countless hearts and occupied plenty wardrobe real estate. Familiar, functional, and resilient, the hardwearing fabric continues to evolve every season. Below, we’ve rounded up the latest must-haves for Spring 2016.


Denim makes the ultimate comeback with an array of contemporary high-waisted numbers. A pair of well-fitting, high-waisted jeans accentuates all the right places and creates a polished look, even on those laziest days. Make the most of your waistline with a modern update to the classic high-rise style for nonchalant and stylishly fashionable chic.

In summary, when it comes to dress code etiquette, the rules are constantly changing. Where denim was once reserved for hard, laborious tasks under adverse weather conditions, it nowadays regularly makes an appearance in the office without raising eyebrows. Drawing no distinction between classes, sexes, or age groups, denim is one of the most simple, versatile, and enduring garments today.

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That 70s Look

For spring, the latest denim designs go retro with a throwback to the 1970s where flared bottoms and brassy button-down fronts were as ubiquitous as orange shag carpeting back in the day. This time, denim dresses – be it long, short, slightly flared or fitted – incorporate those mid and dark saturated hues and gold-tone buttons into easy-wearing yet subtly edgy pieces that could be dressed up or down. A deliberately evocative denim instance feels both retro and way more daring than any miniskirt when worn with a statement accessory, shoes, or jacket.

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Denim jackets have also evolved to expand beyond functional pieces against the cold. Radiate cool-girl edge with a loose-fitting, lightweight full-length duster jacket over bright floral prints, asymmetrical dress, or a complementary denim piece. To lend a leaner, more pulled together smart casual look, try a belted number or add your own belt to accentuate the waistline and elongate the body. Either style lends a sense of impromptu cool.

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