How to wear Long Skirts? 5 Outfit Ideas for Winter Midi Skirts

How to wear Long Skirts? 5 Outfit Ideas for Winter Midi Skirts

The maxi skirt has had its moment, and so too has the mini skirt – it's time for the midi skirt to shine! A midi skirt is the perfect long skirt for winter, as it offers you plenty of coverage in the cooler months while helping you look as stylish and trendy as ever. Plus, there's just enough exposure to show off your cute shoes!

Pulling off a winter midi skirt is easy for anyone – short, tall, curvy, or thin. No matter your body type, some easy styling options can truly help you own the midi skirt trend this winter, and every season after that.

Are you ready to give into the winter midi skirt craze? Create your best ever long skirt outfit with some of these trending winter long midi skirts for the chicest winter ever!

Party Mood Outfit Style

Leave those revealing dresses in the past; there's nothing sexier than a sophisticated, well-fitting outfit for a night out on the town. A midi skirt has the perfect amount of flow to dance the night away or saunter down the road with your girlfriends after a couple of cocktails.

Winter midi skirt can be a much warmer option for going out, and you can really bundle up with a chic long skirt outfit. Go for the bold – all the silky satiny fabrics, all the pattern, and all the shimmer.

When you're getting dressed for a night out, you can truly go as bold as you want. Try mixing patterns, wearing patterns with shine – you name it. A long skirt for winter in a bold pattern or material mixed with a patterned blouse may feel a little bit out of the box, you'll be sure to turn heads with your creative style.

The shape of your winter midi skirt can also make a huge difference. Look for something that comes a bit closer to the body, like a trumpet style or a ruched, body-con skirt. These more fitting styles help you feel oh so sexy while keeping covered up, especially when it's too cold to show some skin.

Elegant & Sophisticated Outfit Style

When you're dressing for work, a winter midi skirt can create so many dressy looks that can take you from meeting to obligation in style. Or maybe dressing up is just your aesthetic; a midi skirt is the perfect way to achieve that elegant style this winter.

Dress to the nines by investing in a quality winter midi skirt, made of luxe fabrics and brilliant patterns that are sure to transform any outfit into something elegant and sophisticated. Think big ruffles, lace applique, and colourful, abstract, high contrast patterns. Similarly, a silky striped skirt can do the trick for a gorgeous winter long skirt outfit.

Take your favourite blouse and tuck it into the skirt loosely, pulling the fabric out of the waistline slightly and evenly for a beautiful, draped outfit. You can also throw your favourite blazer or jacket on top for some extra warmth. You can also mix up an elegant midi skirt by pairing it with a cozy sweater for a style contrast that truly shows off how cool your style is. Don't be afraid to take risks to make your sophisticated midi skirt more versatile by pairing it with your more casual or basic items.

Play With Pattern

You know that old fashion rule that suggests only one pattern for any outfit? That's not true anymore. Pattern is one of the easiest ways to show off the fun and creative aspects of your personality in your wardrobe.

A patterned midi skirt is a must-have for any fashionista who wants to rock the long skirt outfit for winter. While it may be a striking pattern, it's more versatile than you might think and can take you from season to season.

If you're not sure what types of patterns to shop, think plaid, florals, or stripes that are staple patterns in fashion. There are endless ways to style these patterns for winter and any other season. Pair a white tee and a cute necklace with your patterned long skirt and voila! You have an outfit that is both simple and chic.

Now if you really want to try a long skirt outfit that's out of the box, wear pattern from head to toe. A tip for mixing patterns; stick to patterns in a similar colour story so they blend in with each other seamlessly. Also, if you're looking for trying this playing with pattern trend in a more subtle way, mix a graphic top or tee with your patterned midi skirt.

Edgy & Sleek

Yes, even a garment that's typically feminine and demure can be edgy. It's all about the bold patterns and the styling. If your personal style is more edgy, that doesn't mean you should rule out how a long midi skirt can easily work with the rest of your wardrobe.

Look for dark colours and patterns, patterns that are very intricate and detailed, and pair it with your coolest pieces – think black, studded, sequined, or leather. Mixing masculine and feminine or androgynous pieces together – like a long winter midi skirt, a leather jacket, and some studded booties – can really set your style apart from other fashionistas.

In order to pull off a long winter midi skirt to perfection, consider the fit. The waistline should sit comfortably on your natural waist, and if it's slim-fitting, it should just hug your curves instead of pushing into them. This will allow you to look sleek and chic no matter how you style your skirt.

A midi skirt with some ruffling or asymmetrical layers can also look edgy and sleek, with some visual interest to play with to make a stellar outfit. Sometimes the littlest details make the most impact!

Athleisure Style

You're bound to have athletic wear for days with how hot the athleisure trend is. A fabulous juxtaposition between a dainty midi skirt and your athletic tops or sweatshirts is one way to dominate the long skirt outfit trend this winter. Maybe you need an outfit that you can switch quickly while going to and from the gym? Just pair your cute athletic wear with your skirt and a jacket and you're good to go.

Whether you go for a basic, solid midi skirt or something floral and pretty, simply pair your athleisure inspired top and some sneakers and you have a cool, everyday look. You can also look to fabrics like jerseys and cottons that are commonplace in more sporty attire, and of course, are super warm and comfortable for any winter outfit.

A sports bra and bomber jacket paired with a midi skirt is a fresh and trending styling trick, or a branded sweatshirt tucked into a floral midi skirt is both warm for winter and incredibly trendy. However you choose to incorporate your athletics with your winter midi skirt, you're bound to create a super cool outfit that'll make anyone envy your cool style.

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