Top 5 celebrity inspired cocktail party attire

Top 5 celebrity inspired cocktail party attire

Events come and go, but great cocktail party attire can make you a style icon and your look remarkable
many seasons from now on. When you’re lacking inspiration, popular stars are a great source of fun and
fashion. Check out below top 5 celebrity inspired cocktail party attire to make you the queen of glam
this year.
When coming up with a cocktail outfit, you need to think about trends, but also what suits
your body, personality and style. You have to wear the clothes, not the other way around, and you have
to feel comfortable to dazzle. Clothes are like an armor, they offer confidence and the ideas below will
help you make the right choice.
To make things easier for you, think of outfits that can be worn
during the day and with other accessories during the night. This way you can change fast and enjoy
cocktail hour. And remember to have fun!

Gigi Hadid (Black and White)

If you’re looking for modern, yet classic, cocktail party attire, look no further than a black and white
combination inspired by Gigi Hadid. This style is easy to wear for business during the first part of the
day and turn it into fun for the second one. It will embrace different shapes and show your curves. Opt
for a silky, yet masculine look, with a feminine blouse, paired with a suit jacket and trousers or a
wrap dress coat.
Accessorize with a bun like Gigi Hadid, pearls and men-inspired shoes during the
day. Let your hair down,
add a pair of high heels and a minimalist backpack for cocktail party attire after work. You can’t go
wrong with black and white, no matter if you’re a fashion connoisseur or not.

Hailey Baldwin (Edgy Style)

If you’re feeling fashion bold, look no further than Hailey Baldwin’s cocktail party attire. She’s cool,
she’s modern and she has a way of always looking feminine and hot. She likes dark and mysterious
appearances, so if your style is edgy, this is the look for you.
If you have a sexy mid-section like
Hailey Baldwin, show it with a pair of high waist trousers and a cropped lacy corset with chunky
earrings. Put your hair in a ponytail, add a pair of killer heels and don't forget to finish cocktail
party attires with a cat eye make-up and a trendy black leather fanny pack. Opt for strong colors like
red or surprise everybody with an angelic baby pink.

Kendall Jenner (Blazer)

Kendall Jenner is fashion world’s favorite chameleon. She looks amazing in pretty much anything she
wears, but she can style the blazer like no other. Use it for work during the day and when the sun
it’s time to spruce it up as part of cocktail party attire. Every woman should have a blazer in her
It can change even the most casual look out there – jeans and t-shirts in a beat. It
can be
elegant and it can be sexy if you wear it with nothing underneath, like Kendall Jenner. You’re not
showing anything, but you’re telling everything with these types of cocktail party attire. What’s
it hides things you don’t want to show and gives structure if you have a slim figure. Wear matching
trousers or simple black ones, add a pair of stilettos and a mini bag.

Olivia Palermo (Elegant Dresses)

When you’re feeling romantic and feminine, Olivia Palermo is the right inspiration for elegant dresses to
wear as cocktail party attire. She’s tall, skinny and graceful, but take advantage of materials,
textures and lots of frills to find a chic dress that fits your body.
There are many stylish models
on the market to choose from. Opt for elegant dresses with embedded flowers like Olivia Palermo, in
black or dusty pinks. Complete cocktail party attire with wavy hair, natural make-up, and a firm
clutch. Don’t forget about the shoes as they can make or break an outfit, classic nude pumps work best
and make your feet look long and slender.

Victoria Beckham (Statement Pants)

Last, but definitely not least, comes Victoria Beckham and her statement pants. She’s known for her
cocktail party attire that hide shapes and frames the waist, as this is pretty much her daily uniform.
She might have borrowed from her husband's wardrobe at first, but she's now master of this look.
is the king of statement pants. Wear them long and colorful – think bold blue, with a white shirt, like
Victoria Beckham. Or swap the style with athleisure looks, leather vibes or sequins for cocktail party
attires. Keep the upper part simple – shirt, blouse, sweater or t-shirt to balance out the outfit. Tie
your hair slick at the back, focus your make-up on the eyes and as for bags, who needs them? If you
must, add a thin envelop inspired clutch.