6 Best Women’s Maxi Skirt Outfit Styles to know

COVER STORY / 2020-01-22

6 Best Women’s Maxi Skirt Outfit Styles to know

Women’s maxi skirts are an all-time favorite when it comes to fashionistas, simply because of the way maxi skirt outfits seamlessly blend into any style or personality. Be it a dressed-up outfit, a casual stroll out in the Sun or a friendly meet-up with friends, a maxi skirt never judges in the way it brings out your inner fashionista on every occasion. While we all love maxi skirts, some of us don’t know how to style maxi dress skirts or how to wear a maxi skirt in winter. Be it a maxi sundress, summer maxi skirts, maxi skirts for women or just some maxi skirt outfit ideas for winter, we bring you a collection of our favorite maxi skirt outfits posted on the Instagram handle of one of fashion influencer, Olivia Palermo.

Thinking of how to wear maxi skirts this winter? Look no further. Here are some of the best women’s maxi skirts styles for winter. Be it a bohemian hippie style, power-dressing, grunge rock-chic, or a demure feminine style rich in pastel colors and hues, here are some ways you can rock women’s maxi skirts styles this winter.

The sexy party-wear style

If every girl has a go-to outfit in her closet, it’s got to be a trusted friend and an anytime, anywhere party-ready outfit; it’s got to be the trusted maxi skirt style. So when it comes to those few hours before leaving for a party, or that sudden and unplanned party invitation, you know you can always count on women’s maxi skirts styles as your go-to choice. From sequins to tulle skirts, if you’ve got a last-minute party to attend and can’t think of what to wear, here are some fashionable party-wear skirt ideas for 2020.  Indulge in some of the best party-wear women’s maxi skirts outfits that you can count on this winter. Stay true to your style with the choice of pairing your skirt with a sleek pair of high heeled sandals or stilettos. To complete your maxi dress winter look, throw on a stylish bomber jacket to amp up that party wear skit style.

MSGM Abstract Printed Pleated Midi Skirt

Sophisticated power-dressing

When it comes to power dressing for women, it’s important to pick styles that help you establish your assertiveness and individuality within your own professional or political environment. The clothing we choose does not define who we are, but it influences the way we may feel on that particular day. So when it comes to maxi skirts for women and power-dressing, wear clothes that give quiet inner confidence and works like a magical power-armor, giving you just the right confidence you need to get out and about the day. When it comes to most fashion-forward outfits for power dressing, women’s maxi skirts outfits are uber fashionable and doubles up as the perfect formal attire, as well as a casual day-time look.

Out & about maxi skirt styles

For the likes of us who love fashion and make fashion a deliberate daily choice, dressing up to work is something we look forward to every single day. So when it comes to turning that daily choice to a consecutive fashion-hit, the best winter outfit you can always count on are women’s maxi skirts outfits that will ensure you remain the best dressed at work every day. Spruce up your workwear wardrobe by adding a mix of white and cream formal shirts and pairing them with single-toned long maxi skirts for women, and finish off your uber-smart, uber-chic workwear outfit with a trusted pair of stilettos. With many stars of the likes of Scarlet Johansen, Charlize Theron, Meghan Markle pulling off the formal work-wear maxi skirt outfits with ease, get your fix of stylish maxi sundress outfits and other maxi skirts for women.

The quirky jane skirt style

Find yourself standing out from the crowd in vibrant quirky maxi skirt outfits for women. If you’re one of those who take pride in their own unique sense of style and unashamed to exhibit your personality through your quirky sense of fashion, then you would know best how to style maxi skirts. If you’re looking up pull off those quirky maxi sundress outfits, women’s maxi skirts outfits and other maxi skirts like a true fashionista. Our queen of inspiration when it comes to quirky women’s maxi skirts outfits and maxi sundresses is none other than Zooey Deschanel, who along with with her signature thick-rimmed glasses is known to consistently pull off all her maxi skirt looks in style. Be it the animal print with loud and glaring shimmery colours, subtle multi-toned prints, or even floral prints and other quirky patterns – find your quirky fix with a range of maxi skirts for women.

The rock-star chic skirt style

This winter, stay edgy and true to your inner rockstar grunge by investing in metallic maxi skirts, or maxi skirts with darker monotones, multi-tones, and prints like the skull or animal print. A rocker-chic wardrobe is incomplete if it isn’t badass, out-there, baggy, frumpy, and sometimes even ghoulishly costume-like. Fashionistas who love the rock n’ roll fashion aesthetic can pair maxi skirts with mashup cropped band tees and oversized denim jackets or pointed shiny boots or a stylish pair of black moto boots. Get your goth-fix with maxi skirts for women inspired by the likes of stars like Taylor Momsen, Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid and others who have pulled off fresh off-the-runway maxi skirts outfits for winter fashion.

The boho hippie style

Right from the likes of Vanessa Hudgens, Florence Welch, Katie Holmes, Hilary Duff and many more, bohemian hippie fashion’s consistent love for maxi skirts is one that we love and adore. When it comes to maxi skirts for women, be spoiled for choice this season with maxi skirt styles rich in florals, funky prints, vibrant colors, shapes, and styles. To make it easier to style your maxi skirt outfits this winter, avoid voluminous shapes, and opt for smaller silhouettes that allow for easier styling options. To complete your look, throw on a stylish denim jacket and a sturdy pair of suede ankle boots to keep your feet warm this winter.

The best part about maxi skirts for women is that it accommodates any body type, can be styled to suit any occasion, truly understands its wearer, barely shies away from making a fashion statement, and is hands-down one of the most stylish among winter wear outfits for women. Indulge your fashion senses in a slew of trendy maxi skirt styles for women this winter season.