5 must-have fashion items for your next summer escape

TREND / 2019-08-23

5 must-have fashion items for your next summer escape

Mountains or the beaches calling? Love traveling but hate the travel-wardrobe stress altogether? We’ve got you sorted to pack light and chic with 5 must-have fashion items for your next summer escape. By the time you finish reading this piece, you’ll know exactly what should go into your suitcase for a holiday capsule wardrobe. Whether you're hitting a lovely European town for a long weekend or jetting off to the USA for a few days of pure beach bliss, our 5-piece summer holiday packing list will prep you for your whole getaway in style. These holiday essentials that are ideal for short trips, will take you from day to night smoothly.

First things first: Examine your closet and identify favorites

Chances are that you wear the same handful clothes over and over, with some variations on pants or skirts. Some of these are the clothes you want to take on your next trip because we’ve already established that a). You like these clothes b). You are comfortable in these pieces.

Here are two ways for figuring out which are your most worn pieces of clothing:

  1. Over a couple weeks, empty your wardrobe into an empty closet and move only the clothes you wear back into your main closet. Congrats, your favorite clothes have now been identified!

  2. Put aside everything that you’ve not worn in 60 consecutive days.

1. The classic white T-shirt

You might have heard this one already but you really can't go wrong with this wardrobe staple. With the capability of dressing up or down any look at any time of the day during your travels, you can pack not just one but 2 of these! Jazz up your outfit with colorful accessories and open-toe heels for an evening look. Scoop neck, V-neck, crew neck, sweetheart neckline, whatever style you prefer, a classic white tee in a soft fabric is the first thing that needs to go into your holiday wardrobe.

MARC JACOBS Marc Jacobs The Tag Graphic T-Shirt

MARKUS LUPFER Alex Sequin Lara Lip Tee

2. Max Your Accessories

Simple tricks can elevate your looks made of basic staples like tees and denim bottoms. Things like a colorful scarf, a hair tie scarf, a stack of colorful bracelets or a statement necklace, can change an entire outfit’s look from casual to dressy. Keep your accessories small as they don’t take up tons of space in your bag and don’t make you look overdressed either. One accessory a day keeps ‘plain’ away!

Here are some basic accessories to pack:

  • Solid bright mixed-colored scarves 
  • Layered delicate necklace
  • A pair of Studs, couple of hoops and one statement earrings
  • Thin bangles and charms
  • Skinny belts that can double up as dress-belts as well 
  • One straw/ suede fedora hat
  • One pair of tortoiseshell wayfarers and one pair of colored cat-eye sunglasses

3. The one dressy outfit

If you have a formal evening to look forward to during your trip, don’t bother carrying bulky dresses and jackets that will end up taking up a lot of space for just a few hours of outing. Opt for a feminine silky slip dress, high-heeled sandals that you can wear through rest of your trip as well and a pair of statement earrings. Put on some glitter on your eyelids and curl your hair wavy. Let your face do the talking, literally!

MAGGIE MARILYN It's Up To You Silk Midi Dress

JONATHAN SIMKHAI Metallic V-Neck Belted Wrap Mini Dress

4. Chunky Sneakers

You've seen the paparazzi shots of celebrities and you’ve seen our favorite fashion influencers wearing it – now it's time to accept that a pair of trendy chunky sneakers are fash-on (as Oprah would say!). One solid pair can literally go with all your travel outfits.

NO.21 Billy Color-Block Dad Sneakers

MM6 MAISON MARGIELA High-Top Flare Sneakers

5. The wide-leg trousers

The roomier, the better. Simple rule of thumb while you're traveling. If jeans are your favorite, go for mom jeans and jeans are the last thing you want to wear on a sunny day, try out a pair of wide-leg cotton or satin trousers are the ideal alternative.