These 9 Fashionable Bridesmaid Dresses Styles, Bride-to-be Would Love!

These 9 Fashionable Bridesmaid Dresses Styles, Bride-to-be Would Love!

If you’re planning to attend your best friend’s wedding in 2019 and surfing through the internet for your bridesmaid look, then you’ve come to the right place. We provide 9 fashionable bridesmaid dresses style for you to choice.

Bridesmaids dresses, we dare say, have a reputation for being not that chic. Luckily, millennial brides are non-traditional and they want their bridesmaids to pick their own dresses and hairstyles. Gone are the dusty pinks, pale yellows, sequins and cold shoulder bridesmaids dresses of 2018. There’s much more chic quotient in 2019’s dresses. There are palettes that the wedding experts see trending for 2019 weddings and we’re crushing on all of them so far. We've also rounded up some of the most well-dressed celebrity bridesmaids looks from the past for you to use them as your bridesmaid fashion inspiration. Check out these dresses featuring the color of the year to the styles and necklines that we’re loving, we’ve got a bridesmaid dresses fix for you this year.

Coral dresses

Validated as the color of the year by Pantone, coral (or more specifically 'living coral') is what you need in 2019. Good for us, as this versatile color that suits almost all skin tones, is perfect for a summer or tropical destination wedding. A truckload of glowing bronzer and tinted lips will compliment the look

Jewel tone dresses

Finally, brides and bridesmaids are cornering blush tones joining the growing popularity of much more deep, rich tones like plum, mauve, eggplant, dark reds, olive greens and the likes of it. According to Pinterest, navy is also popular in bridesmaids dresses. Jewel tone dresses would be perfect for more traditional wedding themes. If you like rich looking tones then you’ll love the 2019’s jewel color palette. The selection includes rich mustards, emerald greens, and royal blues. Choose these colors and look like a bridesmaid fit for royalty!

Halterneck dresses

The halterneck style is not just trending for 2019 bridesmaid dresses, but it’s also going big for the brides. Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle popularised this trend in her gorgeous Stella Mccartney dress that she wore last year to her reception.

Wrap dresses

We've noticed a shift towards the classic wrap dress in the last couple of years. According to the reports, Pinterest has seen almost a 700% increase in searches for surplice and wrap silhouettes. This silhouette is gaining popularity for offering a much needed combination of comfort and style. Plus, it flatters a multitude of figures!

Cowl necklines

We are never fully getting over the 90s trends it seems. This spectacular fashion era just keeps on giving. In  2019, you can trust the cowl neck style that features a subtly draped neckline that gives the illusion of a fuller bosom without giving too much away. This trend is like an upgraded version of the 90s slip dresses. This neckline is a great style to choose if you are a bridesmaid who wants to look sophisticated and polished at a wedding.


Velvet is no more reserved exclusively for winter celebrations. It is officially the 2019’s Fabric of choice. Earlier perceived to be only fit for formal attire, velvet has come a long way to become one of the finest choices for a bridesmaid dress. Taking down the sequin trend, this new material compliments 2019’s jewel color palette perfectly!

Tea Length

While we are breaking stereotypes, another one to go off the calendar is the flowing bridesmaid gowns of 2018. Ending just below knee level, tea length dresses are quite practical and will let you shake a leg with your squad. Designers have indulged in lace trimmings, satin bows, and delicate tulle while upgaming this dress length. Now, this is heavenly!

Cotton Lace

Add a vintage touch to your 2019 bridesmaids look with mix-n-match cotton and lace trend.


Ruffles is that elegant, feminine and timeless style that can never go out of style. The detailing in ruffles is more than enough to add a sense of grandeur to the outfit. You don’t need to jazz it up too much. Just compliment with a smile!